Monday, February 4, 2008

Huckabee's Role in the 08 Elections

A message to all Huckabee supporters: What your candidate did in this campaign is remarkable. I have admired your guy for a long time and was pleased when I saw him enter the race. I wanted a Romney/Huckabee ticket or even the reverse. One of the two of them has won all the debates with the nod probably going to Mike as the best debater. His only real bummer was when he and McCain double-teamed Romney. They looked like petulant high-schoolers that night.

I love Huckabee’s fair tax plan and have supported such a plan for more than two decades. (I was a CPA in a former life and prepared or reviewed over 10,000 tax returns, so I know how bad the tax code is and how it infiltrates all aspects of American life). One of the advantages seldom mentioned about this plan is that abolishment of the IRS and doing away with the onerous tax code will strip Congress of one of its main sources of power.

At this stage of the campaign, Huckabee is focusing his attacks on Romney, even though McCain is the front-runner. Wonder why? Governor Huckabee is obviously looking toward 2012 and is perfectly willing to let America suffer through four years of John McCain or more probable, Obama or Billary, in order to achieve his ambition. His function in the campaign can only be the second man on the ticket. He knows that McCain is definitely a one-term candidate. He is pulling votes away from Romney, the clear and only remaining viable choice for Republicans who are real conservatives. A more worrisome scenario is that he is in tune with McCain’s views. I hope not.

Are you willing to have Obama or Billary as president? The democrats want McCain, because they know he will be beaten. Even establishment Republicans want McCain because most of them have hopes for 2012 and also know he will be defeated or at the minimum, last only four years. Why would they want him to lose the general? Because the president takes the blame when things go south, and they see things going south. They are highly unlikely to take back either house of Congress, so a Democratic President and a Democrat congress will have to take the blame, leaving the way for a Republican victory in 2012. That is the only reason I can see for their abandonment of conservative principles in order to get behind a clearly weak candidate.

Are you willing to take that chance? I am not. Four or eight years of liberal power in Washington may do irreparable damage. Don’t waste your vote. Worse, don’t cast a ballot that will clearly be for Obama or Billary or both.

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