Thursday, July 30, 2015

Reviews for Rails to a River

on July 19, 2015
Once again Jim Ainsworth has written a novel worthy of highest acclaim. His characters come to life and leave the reader feeling as if you've known them always. From the beginning, I couldn't put the book down because I was drawn in to the web of intrigue surrounding Tee Jessup. Tee is such a well developed character, very likable, and extremely believable. This is another winner from an amazing author.

on June 24, 2015
Another winner from one of my favorite writers. Read this one first, and then read "Firstborn Son." Characters are well-developed and believable.

on June 7, 2015
Rails to a River is the fifth book that I've read by Jim Ainsworth. It was an amazing read! I literally had to put the book down after the first two chapters and just digest what I had read. I think and I read in a very visual way. Jim's development of characters, descriptions of the scenes, and stitching together of the plot let the book flow through my mind so smoothly it was like watching a movie on the big screen. I truly look forward to getting "a'holt" of another one of Jim's books. Ken Ryan

on May 25, 2015
Jim has done it again! A wonderful story with believable characters. Each page draws you in deeper to the story.
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on April 29, 2015
Absolutely loved this book! If you haven't read Jim Ainsworth, you are missing out!

on March 30, 2015
Jim's characters draw you in --you feel and experience their lives as vividly as you experience your own. Jim is a wonderful storyteller, weaving personal knowledge and expertise into his plots! Wonderful reads!

on March 28, 2015
RAILS TO A RIVER is my first Jim Ainsworth novel, and it has been a true pleasure. I can’t compare it to any of his others, but I enjoyed the contemporary setting for an age-old sorrow where necessity drags a man away from his dreams. While some might call Tee Jessup shiftless because of his constant moving from one empty job to another, he is actually a man honoring what is true within him but at a cost. The story keeps you riveted because of the unexpected twists of characters and plot, but this masterful writer keeps all the ends tied so the reader doesn't trip over any of them. I haven’t read many books of late where I couldn't wait to get back to my Kindle, but this was one. Ainsworth’s passion for his Texas home, its cowboy history and the very land under his feet keeps his descriptions fresh and his story real.

on February 20, 2015
Ainsworth has written an intriguing story which cannot be predicted from one page to the next. The turns and twists are marvelously woven together to make the story live. I loved it. The only reason I did not give it five stars was I thought the protagonist rose to the top of his profession too quickly. Advancement in his chosen field comes more slowly than it was presented. Don't let that opinion keep you from reading this great story. It is well worth your time.

on February 15, 2015
Jim H Ainsworth is an avid story teller that writes in a style that I call easy reading. He carefully develops his characters, weaves his Christian background throughout his stories, and the stories keep your interest. I have read seven of Jim's books and I am currently reading the eighth. I find his writings to be both educational and inspirational. I recommend Jim H. Ainsworth to all ages

on February 14, 2015
Rails to a River is a masterful blend of the intricateness of corporate America and the cowboy way of life, two subjects Jim Ainsworth knows well. Truth and fiction are so smoothly interwoven, one can only imagine where Jim Ainsworth ends and Tee Jessup begins.

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